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Throughout our years working in the Hemp and Cannabis Industry we have gained many close relationships with Suppliers, Farmers, Landowners, and Customers alike. We have access to over 20 varieties of Certified Hempseed genetics (Dioecious and Monoecious selections), available for seed/fibre growth (for use in textiles/clothing) and CBD extraction. EU Plant variety database *We can also arrange CBD and THC clones upon customer request.

EU Certified Seeds

Here we have gathered only the highest quality seed at the most competitive prices, please see below our finest strains and to request our latest catalogue.


Kompulti is known for its large CBD content, its trunks and stems are perfect for extracting fibre. You can also smoke or vaporize its flowers thanks to its delicious combination of terpenes.

Santhica 70

Santhica 70 is well known for its high oil content, the plant contains no CBD and only traces of THC (<0.12%) making it legal to be grown across Europe. Its CBG content reaches 2.00-4.00%.

Fibror 79

Fibror 79 produces large amounts of fibre and flowers that contain high amounts of CBD.

USO 30

USO 30 is useful in the production of seed and for biomass, its very rich in cbd oil (uso 31 contains 35% of oil on its weight).

Fedora 17

Fedora 17 is mainly for the production of hempfiber but also for oil production, it is also used for CBD production as it can reach high levels of cannabidiol.


Fibranova is used to produce fiber but is mostly chosen for the production of inflorescences and extraction biomass (CBD).


Helena is a monoecious dual variety used mostly for fibre/seed production.


Tygra is one of the upcoming strains due to its excellent quality and resistance to diseases. The Tygra can grow to 12 feet, which makes it one of the bigger strains available.


Bialobrzeskie is the first Polish variety of monoecious fibrous hemp, It is characterized by a large yield of straw with high-quality fibres and a large amount of seeds.

Futura 75

Futura 75 is an industrial hemp strain that originates from France, it is perfect for producing flowers that contain low amounts of THC, it produces plenty of CBD and fiber.

Santhica 27

Santhica 27 is designed to produce large amounts of hemp fibre and flowers that produce high amounts of CBG.


Ferminion is particularly used in Europe to produce fibrous material, it’s an early flowering plant, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes that give it an aromatic bouquet of great intensity.


Felina 32

Felina 32 is designed to produce flowers with high amounts of CBD as well as high volumes of seeds which can be used to produce hemp oil, it also has high amounts of fibre in its stems and trunks.


Carmagnola is a historical Italian variety tested in the last 15 years in Italy, from North to South.
It is a genetic developed to produce biomass but also produces satisfactory quantities in terms of seed.

Carmagnola Selezionata

Carmagnola Selezionata is particularly used for fibre production. Due to its natural THC content falling below 0.5% and a high CBD content of 7-8% it can it legally grown across Europe.


Wojko is primarily used for fibre, its an industrial hemp variety with an early flowering.


Beniko is grown for both fibre and seed production, originally from Poland. The early Beniko hemp plants grow on average to 8 feet high.


Henola is characterized by a greater yield than other varieties available on the market, low growth up to about 2m, and a vegetation period shorter by 3 weeks.

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