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  • CBD Cosmetics

    Body Lotion 75mg CBD



    JustHemp CBD BodyLotion aims to care for sensitive and dry skin with the help of witch hazel. This moisturising lotion lasts all day thanks to the recipe of shea butter, panthenol and aloe vera combined with hemp oil and hemp leaf extract. These properties make our BodyLotion the perfect body care. With a subtle scent of papaya and lemon.

  • CBD Cosmetics

    Cold Balm 250mg CBD


    COLD BALM 250mgCBD

    JustHemp CBD ColdBalm contains rosemary, camphor as well as cooling menthol and arnica. Thanks to its 2-phase effect, it first refreshes and cools with menthol, and then gently warms the skin with nettle extract. These properties make it the perfect long-term companion, especially for athletes who regularly use their muscles and joints, but also for older people.

  • CBD Cosmetics

    Hot Balm 250mg CBD


    HOT BALM 250mg CBD

    JustHemp CBD HotBalm contains chilli oil, nettle extract, cajeput oil, arnica and camphor. Chilli oil creates a warming effect. Cajeput oil relaxes and soothes the skin. These properties are a perfect combination, providing an intense warming relief for the desired effect.

  • CBD Cosmetics

    Repair Balm 50mg CBD



    JustHemp CBD Repair Balm with Urea was developed to target rough and cracked skin on the body (eg. the feet, the elbows, knees and knuckles etc) with a particularly rich formula combining 10% urea and witch hazel hydrolate(water soluble essential oils) leaving the skin rehydrated and repaired.

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